The nature vs nurture debate has raged on for decades. In fact, experts have been exploring in recent years the secrets of entrepreneurship and whether entrepreneurs are born or made.

High levels of testosterone might provide someone the motivation they need to work for themselves. The findings suggest that testosterone levels may have a major impact on the likelihood of people engaging in self-employment.

So, does this imply that using the best testosterone booster supplements is beneficial for someone with low testosterone levels thinking about starting a business? In this post, we will explore the subject and demonstrate how testosterone levels are linked to entrepreneurship.

The Link between Testosterone and Entrepreneurship

A great deal of study has been conducted on cognitive factors and business features. More research is needed, however, on biological aspects like DNA, hormones, neurobiology, and so on, which are becoming increasingly important.

There has been much debate on whether business behaviors may be learned or are determined by biology. Interestingly, research indicates that at least a fraction of certain business behaviors can be ascribed to biological effects, at least to some extent.

New research into levels of testosterone and the probability of starting one’s own company suggests that there may be a stronger link than previously thought. The findings found that testosterone levels may have a significant influence on the potential of becoming a business owner.

The findings are useful to both business owners and executives. Higher testosterone levels can not only increase an individual’s desire to accept risks, but also reduce the probability that they would experience dread in risky situations.

The study contrasted thousands of identical twins (who shared 100% of their genes) and non-identical twins (who shared 50% of their genes). The findings found that identical twins had higher concordance for entrepreneurial behavior than non-identical twins.

This does not automatically imply that entrepreneurs are born, but rather that there is a biological inclination. It enhances the likelihood of someone taking the risks linked to self-employment.

Does this Apply to Both Genders?

Men have higher testosterone levels than women, which may indicate that men are naturally inclined to risk-taking and entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, the correlations, in this case, are not linear.

We must be cautious about the implications of anything biological. The outcomes of the study do not imply that persons with low testosterone levels cannot become entrepreneurs; it is all about chance and probability.

Higher testosterone levels increase the probability of becoming an entrepreneur. Women have lower levels of testosterone, yet there is no evidence that men are more inclined to become business owners. Male testosterone levels cannot be compared to female testosterone levels.

Key Takeaway

The positive effects of testosterone are assumed to work by influencing behavior. Nonetheless, entrepreneurship is such a complex result that it is influenced by a vast range of factors. And testosterone level is one of the aspects that contribute to people’s ambition.

It’s also possible that the connections shown in prior studies are due to a combination of factors. Higher testosterone levels in men, for example, are related to good health, which may also help these people thrive in their occupations.

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